Kappler defines an entire industry with patented fabrics, innovative seaming technology and unique garment designs. For more than forty years, Kappler has built a reputation for quality, innovation and straightforward advice on what protective clothing to wear. Today more than ever, the Kappler brand on your garment means you always know what you’re getting into.

Featured Products

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Frontline 500

Get triple assurance with a single suit certified to NFPA 1991. The Frontline® 500 gas-tight suit offers three-way protection – broad chemical holdout, plus flame resistance and radiant heat protection for the additional hazards encountered in a chemical flash-fire. NFPA certification now includes base plus Optional Flash Fire and Liquified Gas requirements.


Zytron 300 is ideal for demanding hazardous applications where there is potential for chemical splash. Increased physical strength and even broader chemical holdout take the protection level of this fabric up a serious notch.